Welcome! Webworks WebME is a CMS written by Webworks over a few years. We are releasing the code gradually into the wild, because we believe that Open Source code is inevitably higher quality and more secure than proprietary code. We hope that by releasing this code, the WebME engine will get more eyes looking at it (and therefore more bug reports), and will also hopefully inspire people to work on the engine itself and submit fixes and improvements back to us.

This site is itself running on WebME. If you spot any problems with it, please let me know - we use WebME for all of our websites here at Webworks, so if there are any problems with the CMS, it's a problem that we are very eager to have fixed.

Create Your Own Website

Want a free website using the WebME engine? We are offering free hosting for your own free WebME website.


  • Create/Edit as many pages and sub-pages as you want using a browser-based editor.
  • Public comments can be allowed on each page, with spam-prevention measures built-in.
  • Free to download for personal or commercial use. WebME contains GPL and Creative-Commons licensed code. Please feel free to use the project in any way you wish as long as you link back to us in some way.
  • More is on the way very soon - image galleries, forms with validation, products pages for online stores or just for showing lists of items. Stay tuned!


Go here to download the CMS and themes, or here to comment on it.

Last edited on 2009-02-14